Since first teaching myself how to shoot a camera while living abroad in South Africa, travel is still a major component of the creation of my work. My process consists of taking typically one large trip a year and working on the photos taken till the next trip. By sitting on photos for so long, I feel as if I am able to bring the best of the work to its full potential.
                  Photography has proven to be a solid way of navigating unknown, foreign cities for myself and through my work I hope to present an image of a distant, unspecified city in an abstract, but familiar way. By narrowing down to dark blacks and close to pure whites, the photographs focus on the structure and material used to create these locations, the chaos or the symmetry in each sight. The photograph is built around creating the idea of a nostalgic memory of a once familiar scene. I attempt to achieve this by encouraging viewers to take a second look at the photograph: to make an attempt to sort out the patterns, or to ask themselves, “What’s behind that door?” to get a chance to feel a relationship to each location. ​​​​​​​
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